Odor Ludens

Exploring the fragrance of toys with Frank Bloem, Alissa Rees, Caro Verbeek, Thijs de Zeeuw, and Jonathan Kok Wai Ho August 27, Mediamatic Biotoop, ...

The Fumes of Death

Odorama 38 with Frank Bloem, Susanne Duijvestein, Steffie Baaijens, Caro Verbeek and Pierre Valkering June 25, Mediamatic Biotoop, ...

Olfactory Dysfunction in COVID-19

Diagnosis and Management Katherine Lisa Whitcroft, BSc, MBChB; Thomas Hummel, MD JAMA. Published online May 20,

Barcelona Olfaction Week

18 – 24 de mayo de 2020,


September 2020, Los

Covid-19 and loss of smell:

IMPORTANT news for noses By Suzy Nightingale /

Per Fumum 2020: Incēnsum

eventi culturali 27 marzo – 7

What’s the World’s Worst Smell?

The New York Times, Article by Randall