„Toute odeur est fée.“
(Huysmans, A rebours, 1884)

Scents and smell fascinate as much as the diversity of their perceptions and contexts. We created odor.page out of a passion and make you part of the spell. The origin of this project is a personal motivation without a claim to methodology or completeness.

odor.page sees itself as a link collection with the ambition to share olfactory emotions and inspiration, but also as a tribute to the people whose contributions and activities enrich our senses, experiences and knowledge.

The pages, topics and posts will be supplemented or updated progressively. If a link referral from our blog to your webpage is not desired by you at this point, please write us a short note.

Your questions, suggestions or comments are welcome. Send us an e-mail to contact@odor.page

Thank you for your interest!